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Islands & Coral Reefs

Islands & Coral Reefs An island is a piece of land surrounded on all sides by water, may occur individually or in groups & can be classified in two main types Continental islands Oceanic islan... »

Types of coasts

Types of coasts Types of coasts Despite a great variety of coastal features, coastlines may be divided into two basic types – Coastline of Submergence Formed due to sinking of the land or rise of the ... »

Coastal Landforms

Coastal Landforms Waves are caused by wind, tides are caused by gravity from the moon and the sun, and currents are caused by tides, winds & temperature & density differences in different area... »

Types of Lakes

Types of Lakes Lakes Lakes occupy the hollows of the land surface in which water accumulates & vary tremendously in size, shape, depth & mode of formation. The tiny ones are no bigger than pon... »

Karst Topography – Limestone & Chalk

Karst Topography – Limestone & Chalk Limestone & chalk are sedimentary rocks of organic origin derived from the accumulation of corals & shells in the sea. In its pure state, limesto... »

Landform of water actions in desert

Landform of water action in desert Although rainfall is scanty in desert areas but thunderstorm & cloudburst do occur which leads to torrential downpour of rain, producing devastating effects A si... »

Landforms of Wind Deposition in Deserts

Landforms of Wind Deposition in Deserts Materials eroded & transported by winds must come to rest somewhere. The finest dust travels enormous distances in the air sometimes as long as 2300 miles b... »

Landforms of Wind Erosion in Desert

Landforms of Wind Erosion in Desert Rock pedestals / Mushroom rocks Formed by the sand blasting effect of winds against any projecting rock masses It wears down the softer layer leading to formation o... »

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