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Rise of Democracy in India

Rise of Democracy in India Faced with such serious challenges, other leaders from different countries resisted democracy as a form of governance. According to the leaders of different countries who ga... »

Linguistic Reorganization of States

Linguistic Reorganization of States In 1917, the Congress Party had committed itself to the creation of linguistic provinces in a Free India. After Congress’s Nagpur Session in 1920, the princip... »

Issue of Official Language of India

Issue of Official Language of India Being a foreign language Gandhi opposed the idea of English to be overall medium of communications in free India, hence, Hindi was choosen to be the official langua... »

Tribal Integration in India

Tribal Integration During colonial times money lenders, traders & petty officials invaded the tribal areas and disrupted the tribal’s traditional way of life. To conserve forests and to faci... »

Integration of Princely States

Integration of Princely States Unifying post partition India & princely states under one administration was perhaps the most important task faced by then political leadership. In colonial India, n... »

India After Independence

India After Independence Partition and its aftermath Freedom came with Partition which resulted in large scale communal violence & riots In initial few years of independence India faced daunting c... »

Independence of African countries

 Independence of African countries Egypt Egypt was a British mandate after WW1. It had been declared independent in 1922 but British troop remained. After WW2 the demand for withdrawal of British troo... »

West Asia Freedom Movements, Suez Crisis, Iran – Iraq War, Gulf War

West Asia, Suez Crisis, Iran – Iraq War, Gulf War Syria and Lebanon As in other parts of Asia, there was an upsurge for freedom in West Asia also immediately after the Second World War. After the war,... »

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