Official Language India

Official Language India – 8th Schedule Official language of Union should be Hindi or Devnagri script However, for a period of 5 years from the commencement of constitution, English language would cont... »

Administrative Tribunals

Administrative Tribunals Tribunals are meant to relieve the courts of overload & expedite the process of justice in interest of affected officials   Administrative Tribunals (Article 323A) It... »

Civil Services in India

Civil Services in India Central services by central government UPSC State services by state Government State PSC Common services to Union & States All India Services All India Services Serve centr... »

Center State Relations

Center State Relations Union List 100 items (Exclusive authority of Union) Concurrent list 52 items (Authority of both center & state) State List 61 Items ( 5 items transferred to concurrent list ... »

Local Government System in India

Local Government System in India 73rd constitutional amendment act, 1992 – 11th Schedule Compulsory Provisions Organisation of Gram sabha Creation of 3 tier panchayati raj at District, Block &am... »

Scheduled & Tribal Areas (Article 244)

Scheduled & Tribal Areas (Article 244) Article 244 (1) Provisions of 5th schedule shall apply to administration & control of schedule areas in every state other than Meghalaya, Tripura, Assam ... »

Union territories – India

Union territories – India Do not take part in federal structure of the country No uniform system of administration as parliament has the power to prescribe the structure of administration  ... »

Special Provisions for states (Article 371)

Special Provisions for states (Article 371) Article 371 Special Provisions for Maharashtra & Gujrat President is authorised to provide that Governor of Maharashtra & Gujrat would have special ... »

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