Mediterranean Climate

Mediterranean Climate (Warm Temperate Western Margin Climate) Mediterranean climate is found between the 30o- 45oN-S latitudes & gets its name from the climate found around the Mediterranean Sea. ... »

Deserts Climate Type

Deserts Climate Type Deserts are the regions of scanty rainfall (less than 25 cm or 10 inch of rainfall) May be hot like Saharan Desert; Coastal dry deserts like Atacama & Temperate or the mid lat... »

Savanna Climate (Sudan Type Climate) – Tropical Grasslands

Savanna Climate (Sudan Type Climate) – Tropical Grasslands Savanna or Sudan climate is a transitional type of climate found between the equatorial forests & trade wind hot deserts. It is con... »

Tropical Monsoon Climate & Tropical Maritime Climate

Tropical Monsoon Climate & Tropical Maritime Climate Tropical Monsoon Climate Also known as a tropical wet climate or trade-wind littoral climate Marked by seasonal reversal in wind direction givi... »

Hot Wet Equatorial Climate

Hot Wet Equatorial Climate World Climate & Vegetation Climate is the characteristic condition of the atmosphere near the earth’s surface at a certain place on earth. It is the long-term weat... »

Parliamentary Committees

Parliamentary Committees Parliamentary Committees The work done by the Parliament in modern times is considerable in volume and varied in nature. The time at its disposal is limited (3 sessions only) ... »

Anti Defection Law, 1985 (10th Schedule)

Anti Defection Law, 1985 (10th Schedule) Rajiv Gandhi gov. imposed a ban on defection through 52nd amendment act. The act aims to prohibit undemocratic, unethical & unprincipled political defectio... »

Emergency Provisions in India

Emergency Provisions in India Article 352 Proclamation of Emergency National Emergency External War or external aggression Internal By armed rebellions   President can issue a proclamation of eme... »

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